Our sheep graze in front of the Munford family farmhouse.

Our sheep graze in front of the Munford family farmhouse.

Welcome to the Farm

Welcome to Two Run Farm. We are founded on the principle that excellent local meats can be raised without compromising quality or sustainability. We want to achieve the best-tasting results possible in lamb and beef! Join our exclusive restaurant and individual customer clientele in New Orleans, or Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Two Run Farm responds to a local need for a reliable year-round producer of high quality sustainable meats in significant quantities. As we strive to become the most skilled and selective growers of artisanal meats in the Louisiana area, we intend to provide only the very highest quality  varieties of lamb and beef for culinary excellence, raised according to a high standard of environmental sustainability and humane treatment.

Our farm properties near Vaughan, Mississippi are the headquarters of our lamb and beef production, where we tend our animals on fresh, open pastures year-round. Our marketing headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana, is conveniently located in the Riverbend, providing access to locally grown artisanal meats for our restaurant and retail clientele.

Charles S. Munford (signature)
Charles S. Munford
Founder & President